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Frequently Asked Questions

physical entity (citizen of the Slovak Republic):

  • ID card
  • driving licence
  • passport or birth certificate

physical entity (foreigner):

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • credit card

legal entity:

  • certificate stating the legal status of a firm
  • ID card and driving licence of the person who will be using the car
  • Car lease agreement may be signed only by a company's executive or his authorised representative


If paid in cash, the client pays the amount for the car rent and a reversible deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the make of a car. The deposit will be paid back to the client in full after returning the undamaged car.


In case of payment by credit card via our POS terminal we will block the amount for rent and deposit. The deposit will be released after returning the undamaged car.

Yes. Payment by credit card can be realised also outside our office via our mobile GSM POS terminal.

Yes, all prices detailed in the rates are including VAT.

Yes, the prices shown on our internet page are always current.

Rental of vehicles is without mileage restriction. Exception of 9-seater mini vans in which is in the price of lease included 200 kilometre per 1 day of rental. Over this limit we charge 0,12 Euro including VAT per 1 kilometre. In the price of lease is included 200 kilometre per 1 day of rental, that's mean, if you rent a car for 5 days for example, there will be 1000 kilometre included.

We offer two options to our clients how to take over the car after arriving at the airport:

  1. We will pick you up at the airport and drive you to our office in Bratislava, Slovakia. There we will form a car rent agreement with you and we will hand over the car.
  2. We will deliver the car to the airport and we will hand it over to you directly at the airport. In this case it is necessary that you send us your personal details, which are needed for preparing the car rent agreement (display the electronic form for sending your personal details).


We deliver cars all round Europe, especially to the airports in Bratislava, Kosice, Viena, Prague, Budapest.

Car rental representative will deliver the car at the airport and wait for you in the arrivals lounge. You will recognise him by a name-tag with your name written on it. He will then escort you to the car and hand it over to you.

Our representative will wait for you even if your flight is being delayed.

You are allowed to travel with the car all round Europe, except the following countries: Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Serbia, USSR countries and Yugoslavia countries (to Croatia and Slovenia is travelling allowed).

Our cars have motor hull insurance as well as obligatory contract insurance for the whole European union countries, except Romania, Lithuania and Latvia.

In case of a road accident, it is necessary to call in traffic police and subsequently contact our company. Without a police report, the insurance company will reject any settlement for damages.

Our vehicles are insured with participation at 5%, but at least for EUR 350 . In practice it means that if you cause damage up to EUR 7000 you will pay EUR 350. If you cause damage above EUR 7000, you will pay 5% from the damage.

In case of a traffic accident not caused by you, you will pay nothing. We claim participation from the obligatory contract insurance of the car which caused the accident. In this case it is very important that you call in traffic police and note the data about the offender.

You can book a car by phone on +421 903 655 390, or by electronic means (display the electronic form).